Final Program

Date:  15-17/5/2024
Chairman: Shay I. Duvdevani,
Location: Crown Plaza Tel Aviv Beach, Hayarkon Street 145.

The 3rd Israeli Congress of Facial Plastic and Reconstructive Surgery

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October 11. Day 1


Guided tour  to Jerusalem with Faculty




October 12. Day 2

08:00 – 08:50

Gathering and Opening of the Event (Registration and Breakfast)

08:50 – 08:58

Opening remarks

Shay I Duvdevani




Chairs of session: Eyal Sela, Ofer Gluck, Ruth Yousovich

08:58 – 09:13

Tip plasty: Sculpting the nasal tip

Speaker: Alwyn D’Souza

09:13 – 09:28

Basic principles: Tip

Speaker: Teoman Dogan

09:28 – 09:36

The modern closed non delivery approach to the tip

Speaker: Marcos Harel

09:36 – 09:44

Assessment of Nasal Function and Tip Definition with a Cephalic Lateral Crura Advancement Flap

Speaker: Macia Colon German

09: 44 – 09:52

Cephalic Lower Lateral Cartilage (LLC) Scroll Pitanguy flap, for preserving natural anatomic supports and limiting post operative dead space

Speaker: Daniel Ben Ner




Chairs of session: Alain Hazan, Erik Remer, Oren Freidman, Tal Yoffe

09:52 – 10:12

Facial Skin Resurfacing

Speaker: Alwyn D’Souza

10:12 – 10:20

Non-surgical facial reanimation using Hyaluronic Acid fillers in chronic CN VII palsy

Speaker: Ofira Zloto

10:20 – 10:28

Total ear and  partial  scalp reconstruction after traumatic degloving

Speaker: Shay I Duvdevani

10:28 – 10:36

Cantilever bone graft for traumatic nasal reconstruction

Speakers: Rami Tabib, Allan Billing

10:36 – 10:44

Microvascular Bony reconstruction of the jaws: overview and challenges

Speaker: Murad AbdelRaziq

10:44 – 10:52

The use of skin expanders and skin substitutes for reconstruction of scars head and neck

Speaker: Josef Haik

10:52 – 11:22

Coffee Break/Exhibition




Moderator: Marina Landau;

Panelists: Oren Freidman, Shay I Duvdevani

11:22 – 11:30

Soft triangle scar correction - choosing the right technique

Speaker: Shibli Alsleibi

11:30 – 12:00

Round Table: Scars in Reconstructive Surgery

Speaker: Josef Haik




Chairs of session: Yosef Shem-Tov, Alain Hazan, Ilan Hochman

12:00 – 12:15

Basic principles: Dorsum

Speaker: Teoman Dogan

12:15 – 12:30

Dorsal preservation - How & Why

Speaker: Oren Friedman

12:30 – 12:45

Management of large dorsal hump

Speaker: Alwyn D’Souza

12:45 – 12:53

Structural Preservation Rhinoplasty

Speaker: Eitam Weiss

12:53 – 13:01

Surgical rhinoplasty: is it only about cartilages and bone?

Speaker: Marina Landau

13:01 – 13:09

Thinking Preservation: Dorsum preservation in cases of severe septal and bone deformity

Speaker: Alain Hazan

13:09 – 13:17

How to morph in rhinoplasty

Speaker: Yitzhak Golan

13:17 – 14:07



RHINOPLASTY PANEL: The Dorsum and Crooked Nose


Moderator: Oren Friedman; Panelists: Alwyn D'Souza, Teoman Dogan, Alain Hazan, Eyal Sela, Eitam Weiss, Yitzhak Golan

14:07 – 14:47

Round Table: The Dorsum and Crooked Nose


RHINOPLASTY PANEL: Approach to the Nasal Tip


Moderators: Marcos Harel;  Panelists: Oren Friedman, Alwyn D'Souza, Teoman Dogan, Shay I Duvdevani, Ronny Moscona

14:47 – 15:27

Round Table: Tip plasty




Chairs of session: Morris E. Hartstein, Guy Ben Simon,  Alwyn D'Souza, Ayelet Priel

15:27 – 15:47

Optimising results in blepharoplasty surgery

Speaker: Alwyn D’Souza

15:47 – 15:55

Devastating complication of straight forward upper Blepharoplasty

Speaker: Ayelet Priel

15:55 – 16:03

Respect but don’t fear the negative vector eyelid

Speaker: Morris E. Hartstein




Moderator: Eran Alon;

Panelists: Aharon Amir, Erik Remer, Shay I Duvdevani, Murad AbdelRaziq, Alwyn D’Souza

16:03 – 16:48

Facial reconstruction - thinking function and esthetic

16:48 – 17:18

Coffee Break/Exhibition


FACIAL RECONSTRUCTION and REJUVENATION  SECTION:  Surgical and Non surgical Facial Rejuvenation, Novel Advanced Approach to Face and Nose


Moderator: Morris E. Hartstein;

Panelists: Tal Yoffe, Eran Glikson, Yitzhak Dano, Dror Gilony

17:18 – 17:58

Round Table: Cut lift or fill panel

17:58 – 18:08

Non surgical facial rejuvenation: when and how

Speaker: Marina Landau

18:08 – 18:18

Complications and Side effects after cosmetic injections

Speaker: Laurent Benadiba

18:18 – 18:33

Botulinum Toxins and Fillers in Non-Surgical Facial Rejuvenation

Speaker: Alwyn D’Souza

18:33 – 18:41

Total Temporo-mandibular joint Reconstruction (TJR) and orthognathic  surgery

Speaker: Samer Srouji

18:41 – 18:49

Frenchlift - A New Concept for Face lift

Speaker: Philippe Bellity

18:49 – 18:57

Non syndromic craniosynostosis: A team approach and novel surgical treatment

Speaker: Gil Nardini

18:57 – 19:12

20 steps in Teorhinoplasty

Speaker: Teoman Dogan

19:30 – 20:30

Cocktail Party




October 13. Day 3

08:00 – 09:00



RHINOPLASTY and CONGENITAL DEFORMITIES SESSION: The Crooked Nose, Advanced Facial Reconstruction Techniques


Chairs of session: Ilan Hochman, Dror Gilony, Saab Basem

09:00 – 09:20

Extra steps and management of deviations.

Speaker: Teoman Dogan

09:20 – 09:40

Making the case for Endonasal rhinoplasty

Speaker: Oren Friedman

09:40 – 09:48

Perioperative Practice in Septorhinoplasty – Comparing Surgeons in Israel with Their Counterparts Abroad

Speaker: Yuval Mizracli

09:48 – 09:56

Virtual Surgical Planning of secondary post traumatic skeletal orbital reconstruction

Speaker: Tal Yoffe

09:56 – 10:04

Navigating Challenges as a Young Facial Plastic Surgeon: One Year of Pioneering Post Fellowship

Speaker: Mahir Khuri

10:04 – 10:12

Refining the Sulcus in Microtia Repair: A Novel Modification of the SMAS Advancement Flap

Speaker: Idit Tessler

10:12 – 10:20

Management of the upper jaw in patients with cleft lip and palate

Speaker: Omri Emodi

10:20 – 10:50

Coffee Break/Exhibition

10:50 – 13:05

LIVE SURGERY (Alwyn D'Souza)

10:50 – 13:05

LIVE SURGERY (Teoman Dogan)


Moderators: Oren Friedman, Shay I Duvdevani, Eyal Sela


RHINOPLASTY AND FACIAL RECONSTRUCTION SESSION: Functional Rhinoplasty, Facial Plastics is not only about the Nose


Chairs of session: Mahir Khuri, Ruth Yousovich, Ofer Gluck

13:05 – 13:20

The importance of the septum in rhinoplasty - as the septum goes, so goes the nose

Speaker: Oren Friedman

13:20 – 13:28

Functional rhinoplasty in elderly patients

Speaker: Matti Mizrachi

13:28 – 13:36

The role of Concha Bullosa in open roof deformity

Speaker: Noa Ludan

13:36 – 13:44

Rare facial cleft repair

Speaker: Lika Pichkhadze

13:44 – 13:52

Ear-looped face masks associated retro-auricular abscesses during the COVID-19 pandemic - a case series

Speaker: Sofi Matot

13:52 – 14:00

Lip reconstruction using buccal fat pad free graft

Speaker: Jameel Ghantous




Moderator: Alwyn D’Souza;

 Panelists: Teoman Dogan, Marina Landau

14:00 – 14:30

Tips and Tricks: Experience  is the Key


Closure of the Event




* Operative schedule subject to change based on patient availability.

**Lectures may be substituted or added, as case load demands.

***The official language is English. Simultaneous interpreting available.